July 18, 2017
Spellbound Books

The Executive’s Secret

Book 2

He was a juvenile delinquent. She was an aspiring pianist. When sparks fly at their high school reunion, they’re willing to forget the past—until old secrets surface, threatening to destroy their future.

Caleb Davenport has spent the last decade traveling around the world building an international company into a billion-dollar enterprise with his business partners, but unfortunately, he hasn’t stopped thinking about Kira Bancroft since high school. He assumes she’s living her dream as a concert pianist—until one evening, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, he gets the shock of his life when he runs into Kira waitressing at a local Denver restaurant.

After a terrible accident that disabled her father, Kira’s piano career is abandoned to help her parents pay the overwhelming medical bills. When feelings erupt between her and Caleb at the high school reunion, she starts to hope that maybe she can dream again. But Caleb is keeping a secret that could ruin everything.

Does Caleb have a chance to win Kira’s heart—or will his family's secret past prevent him from capturing the girl who got away?

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