February 14, 2023
Spellbound Books

Her Double Life Fake Fiancé

Book 4

Amelia Steele is a computer scientist who works on secret projects at one of the biggest global tech companies in the world. A place worth billions with political influence and power. She never realized how much of her life was drudgery until she met Holden Grayson, an elusive and charismatic man who is one of the company's secret investors.

Holden takes Amelia on a whirlwind romance, showering her with wealth, connections, and political power of unimaginable proportions—including a love she never thought possible. She'll follow him to the ends of the earth and do anything to keep him—even if it means turning her back on her family to launch herself into a life that's made from the stuff of dreams—or will it all turn out to be a nightmare and she'll never live to see her family again?

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