Mostly Perilous

August 15, 2020
Spellbound Books

Mostly Perilous

Book 4

An empty grave. A century of secrets revealed. Can she heal the deadly curse of her family’s sordid past before she loses the love of her life forever?

Emma Ambrose purposely stays away from her family’s Texas oil estate, throwing herself into her work as an archeologist in the tombs of Egypt. Ancient mummies are infinitely safer than the family curse that follows the Ambrose Estate heiress. A curse that dooms her to never finding love—because it means certain death for any man who falls in love with her.

At night, Ian Phelps is a man drowning in grief after losing his wife in a tragedy. By day, he’s the county coroner, tagging dead people while mourning with those who have lost loved ones. But meeting Emma Ambrose—under the most unusual circumstances—shows him that life isn’t over yet. Her wild auburn hair, sexy curves, and whip-smart brains may be just what he needs to come alive again.

Together, Ian and Emma discover a family graveyard with secrets that defy the impossible. A series of ancient tragedies continue to affect the present—as well as the future. Can the pair of star-crossed lovers reverse the deadly hundred-year-old Ambrose Curse once and for all?

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